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You Know You Live in Mobile, Ala. If …

As my new novel, Center of Gravity, is set in Mobile, Ala., I’d love for everyone to experience a bit of the flavor that surrounds our wonderful Port City. 


Like many folks who live in the Deep South, we’ve all experienced blistering hot summer afternoons or gorgeous December days, but here’s a list that centers only on in Mobile, Ala.

If you live in or around the Port City, it’s likely that you have:

1. Caught beads at one of the city’s many Mardi Gras parades

2. Come to a standstill in the Bayway or Causeway traffic crossing Mobile Bay

2. Attended a crawfish boil, complete with corn on the cob and potatoes


4. Taken a walk or run around Spring Hill College’s lovely campus

5. Honked your car horn inside the Bankhead tunnel

6. Visited the U.S.S. Alabama Battleship

7. Sipped on a cocktail or cold drink somewhere along Dauphin Street

8. Grabbed a burger at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club or a hotdog at the Dew Drop Inn

9. Taken your child to the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center


10. Driven to Dauphin Island, Ala. or Fairhope to watch the sunset.

And … it’s likely that you’ve watched the “MoonPie Over Mobile” drop on New Year’s Eve from the streets of downtown or the comfort of your own home!

Anything you’d like to add to the list?

xo, Laura

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