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WYAM TV Interview: Writing, the Deep South, & Center of Gravity

I recently had the opportunity to talk with television personality Suzie Wiley at WYAM-TV on her show, Valley Happenings. The station broadcasts out of Decatur, Ala. and airs statewide.

Wiley is quite a vivacious and enthusiastic host! She asked all sorts of questions about writing, the Deep South, Center of Gravity, and my new novel, Sister Dear (being published by HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson on April 19th, 2016).

Here’s the first part of the interview, which runs just over 8 minutes long.

Here’s the second half of Suzie’s interview with me. This part runs about 7 minutes!

I hope that you find the interview (and Suzi’s personality and questions) lots of fun!



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