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Writer Wednesday – Do’s and Don’ts for a First Book ~ Part 2 (Marketing)

Happy Wednesday! Last week, I talked about tips for achieving a good “Work-Life Balance.” This week’s topic is Marketing. The recommendations I’m sharing all come from a recent ACFW writer panel I took part in with three wonderful and smart authors – Kristy Cambron, Katherine Reay, and Mary Weber.

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Here are some of the thoughts we shared at ACFW about marketing best practices …


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This might not be the first things that comes to mind for marketing, but the number one thing authors should be concerned with is writing the best book possible. If you put your heart and soul into a novel, the marketing won’t be necessarily easier, but the story you are delivering with resonate with quality and substance. Think about it like making a big purchase – like a pair of Prada shoes versus a pair from Payless. You want your brand and reputation to be Prada – each and every time.


What are 1 or 2 things you should never do in social media book promotion?

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Live by the 80/20 rule, if possible. Eighty percent of your posts. should entertain, inspire, make someone smile, or inform. Here are a few examples.

Tweet like this:

  1. 7 Ways to Test Your Story Spark #fictionwriting

  2. Stand in your truth with courage. The haters & naysayers can write their own stories. #WritersGuide2Persistence #bebold #amwriting

  3. Chicagoans, join me tonight at the Frankfort Public Library for a Book Group Happy Hour from 7-9pm! …

Not like this:

  1. (Buy my book) Name of Book (Name of Book Series) by Author Name via @AmazonUK

  2. Thank you @sheaserrano, for putting me in your index. ERRBODY GO BUY IT THX

  3. Whooaaahh!! This book!! Check out this book and buy a copy!!


More Tips

Other suggestions for handling your first year as an author …

  1. Do: Hang out in other authors’/readers’ spheres, Be interested in their lives – not just promoting.

  2. Do: Be kind. Be authentic.

  3. Do: Follow successful authors and learn from their style and lingo, etc.

  4. Do: Shout out other authors’ books and successes. Pay it forward.

  5. Do: Schedule time on social media and keep it to a minimum. Too much and it takes away from writing and family life.

  6. Do: Find out what readers and bloggers want to hear about.

  7. Don’t: Underestimate the power of consistency, long-term vision, and asking for help from fellow authors.


Any other ideas I should include? I’d love to hear them!

I’ll share about Networking for first year authors next Wednesday.

xo, Laura

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