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Whirlwind Report from #Publish15

Book enthusiast? Aspiring author? Interesting in pitching a literary agent?

Consider attending Publish15! If you live near Atlanta, there’s still time to attend today (Sunday, June 14). If you’re outside the area, make plans to attend next year’s event!


Jonathan, David, Me, & Bennett

Publish15 is a 2-day convention for new and experienced writers — featuring topics like blogging, book proposals, and the business of being an author.

On Saturday, I participated in two panels, Go Big or Go Indie and The Business of Self Publishing. I was joined by author Jonathan French (far left), David Hancock, founder of Morgan James publishing, and Canadian author Bennett Coles, who also runs Promontory Press.


My Booth!

More than 400 people attended the day’s events, which included workshops on using mobile technology, advice on targeting the right audience for your novel, and agent pitch sessions!

When I arrived, I found my booth already set up and ready in the bright and sunny Forsyth Conference Center in Cumming, Ga.

On breaks between panel discussions, I talked about writing, editing, and Center of Gravity‘s July 14 release, as well as answered dozens of questions from writers, sponsors, and visitors.

On Day 2 of Publish15, I’ll serve on the Curating Digital Communities panel. Sheri Stauch and I will be talking about how to build an author brand, what defines an author ‘platform,’ and techniques for using social media effectively.

xx, Laura

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