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The Story Behind “Sister Dear” (No Spoilers!)

It’s just six short weeks from the release of Sister Dear! I’m really excited to share Allie’s story with you. I hope that you find her journey compelling, challenging, and, ultimately, uplifting.

Though Sister Dear centers on a woman accused of a brutal crime she didn’t commit … the story behind the story is a bit different … but just as heart-wrenching.

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Caught with a small amount of illegal drugs in her car, she and her friend were brought in front of a local judge and asked to divulge the “supplier.” Believing she was doing the right thing, she and her friend refused. Angered, the judge decided to make an example of the two teenagers and sentenced them to six months in jail. To this day, my friend is haunted by that decision in every aspect of her life.

Sister Dear, at its core, center on how, despite the best laid plans, our lives can change in an instant. The story is about love and loss, jealousy and revenge, and right and wrong. It’s about betrayal from the people we love and trust, and the secrets that can save and destroy a family. And as you read the last few pages and close the book, I hope that you discover that the story is also very much about faith, hope, and forgiveness.

Please consider pre-ordering Sister Dear now, as this week I’ll be launching the first of several BIG giveaways, including a Kindle Fire, a Fit Bit, and signed copies of Sister Dear!

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Sister Dear

Have a great day and stay tuned here and on social media for more details about the giveaways!



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