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Reader Feature: Jen McGee

Today I am so happy to welcome my friend Jen McGee to the blog. Jen is a talented photographer, great mom, wife, and blogger, AND is one of my most trusted beta-readers! I can definitely count on her for honest feedback and constructive ways to improve my novels, which is so amazingly helpful for any author.

Though we live far away from each other, Jen and I email often, trade thoughts about books, kids, work, and life. Like me, Jen loves coffee, chocolate, and traveling. She is also Chicago Cubs fan

I encourage you to check out her blog, It’s My Life, and follow her on Instagram to check out all of her really creative and lovely photographs!

The 411 on Jen

  1. Name – Jen McGee

  2. Hometown – Middle of nowhere, Midwest USA

  3. Where you live now! Chicagoland

  4. Family members (if you want to share that) – My husband of almost 18 years; 22-year-old son; 11-year-old daughter

  1. How did we “meet?” – I reviewed ; you emailed me to thank me and our friendship took off from there.

  2. Five words friends would use to describe you. –Caring; silly; dedicated; loyal and honest.

  3. Name of your blog and URL. How and why did you start blogging? I blog at ”It’s my Life.” I started blogging in 2006 to keep my family updated on our happenings.

  4. What is the most rewarding thing about it? I have “met” some very fantastic bloggers and friends.

  5. Finish this sentence. “When I’m not reading, I’m taking photos.

  1. Finish this sentence. “I love it when people smile.

  2. What would you do with a million dollars? Buy a house and new car; then put the rest away for education.

  3. Favorite book –WOW! This is a REALLY tough one. I love so many books for so many reasons. I think my answer would be Little Women – I read it every year and have since I was probably about 10.

  4. Favorite movie – The Wizard of Oz

  5. Favorite treat/snack – Snickers or Milky Way bars OR if you really want to score some points with me – chocolate chip cookies !

  6. Favorite vacation spot – Like books, I love so many places for so many reasons. I think I will say – Disney or the beach.

  7. Romance or Suspense? – It depends on my mood.

  1. Beach or Mountains? Beach

  2. Sun or Snow? SUN!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where can people find you on the web or on social media?  My blog: It’s My Life  & Instagram: cubsfan3410

Thank you so much for stopping by this week’s Reader Spotlight and meeting Jen!

xo, Laura

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