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@Publish15 Convention – Part Deux

Day 2 of Publish 15 was just as fun and fulfilling as Day 1. In all, more than 500 people from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama attended the event in Cumming, Ga. During the convention, I talked to so many great aspiring authors about self-publishing, traditional


Stephanie, Me, & Holly

Agent pitch sessions went on all weekend, and it was really exciting to find out that writing duo Stephanie Erbesfield and Holly Hearn had a request for a full manuscript and a request for the first five pages of their debut novel, Daughter of Thieves.


Shari and Me

In the afternoon, Shari Stauch ( and I spoke twice about “Curating Digital Communities” (a fancy way of saying “what authors need to think about and do when it comes to social media”). We covered all of the basics we could in an hour and answered questions on everything from Facebook to LinkedIn.

I gave a short demo during each talk — scrolling through my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads accounts while Shari explained the “how-to’s” of each site!


I’d also like to thank BookLogix for hosting this wonderful event. Plans are already in place for next year! I hope that if you live in or near the Atlanta area, you’ll consider attending Publish16!

xo, Laura

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