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Meet Ava Carson – Center of Gravity’s Heroine

When a reviewer recently interviewed me about my new novel, Center of Gravityshe asked, “How much of yourself is there in the main character?”


But my Center of Gravity protagonist, Ava Carson, is quite a departure from my fun, frothy, and sometimes zany Lauren Clark heroines.

That said, I’ve found that I do inject a bit of myself in many of my leading ladies, and Ava Carson is no exception.

So, here goes …

How much of yourself is there in the character of Ava Carson?

Ava Carson definitely reflects some of my personality traits. She is an optimist who fiercely loves her children. She’s also a people person, enjoys spending time with 

Like me, she prefers a simple, no-frills lifestyle, adores handmade cards from her children, and doesn’t mind driving a car that isn’t


After her honeymoon, Ava enrolls in a few gourmet cooking courses (I never have… but would like to!) and soon discovers that she’s better off baking cookies and whipping up BLTs than attempting to prepare seven-


That’s just a little about Ava … there’s so much more to be discovered in the novel.

It’s my hope that readers connect with Ava – a woman who finds strength deep within herself when almost everyone else has given up on her.

Like so many of the women I’ve met over the years, Ava is tenacious, smart, sensitive, and, as it turns out, a bit naïve, when it comes to trusting and believing in the man she’s chosen to marry.

She’d like to cling to the fairytale of a perfect marriage, but eventually sees–and breaks through–her husband’s façade when her children are placed in grave danger.

Happy Reading!  xo, Laura

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