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“Center of Gravity” Playlist

Just like books, music moves the heart and soul. Here are the songs that come to mind when I think about Ava and her journey through Center of Gravity. Enjoy this 10-song playlist from Spotify.

1. Just Give Me a Reason – This song is about a relationship falling apart.


2. Your Side of The Bed – The harmony, of course, is amazing from this group. Hauntingly sad as they lyrics speak of an empty side of the bed.

3. Don’t Speak – One of my favorites on the list. Ava doesn’t want to face what’s happening with Mitchell at first, so she tries hard not to “hear” him.

4. Ship to Wreck – Florence + the Machine do a great job with this powerful song about regret.

5. If You’re Gone – Rob Thomas can belt out a song, and he doesn’t back down on his message to a lost love.

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7. Highway 20 Ride – This song makes me cry. Seriously. Anyone who’s shared custody of a child will know exact meaning of this song. Country Fan or not, Zac Brown and his band’s vocals are amazing.

8. Fight Song – I’m a new fan of Rachel Platten. Ava finally finds the


9. Stand Back Up – Sugarland delivers an achingly beautiful ballad about someone who’s been knocked down many times but refuses to quit. A must-have for this list.

10. A Little Bit Stronger – Sara Evans’ song is another that anyone who’s come out of a breakup can relate to. The lyrics are spot on and it’s a testament to perseverance and tenacity.

What do you think? Are there any songs I should add?

xo, Laura

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