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Celebrating Read-A-Romance Month

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! Though I’ve been focusing the past few months on the release of my new domestic suspense novel, Center of Gravity, I’m so happy to be part of Read-A-Romance Month!

I’ve written 4 romantic comedies under the pen name, Lauren Clark, and it’s nice to go back and visit this genre during the month of August! Thank you to Lorelei of Lorelei’s Lit Lair for inviting me to be a part of this event!

 The Joy of Romance

What comes to mind first when thinking about The Joy of Romance (the theme of this year’s Read-A-Romance Month) is having a second chance at love and happiness. 

At the outset of each of my romance novels, each of my heroines faces life challenges. One protagonist

Crumpled heart isolated in white

Each heroine has her life turned upside down. Each goes through

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.48.44 AM

In Stay Tuned, Melissa finds rekindled joy and romance in her own relationship, Julia discovers her soul mate in the most unlikely of places in Dancing Naked in Dixie. In Stardust Summer, Grace allows herself to be swept off her feet (finally!) by the boy next door, and Searcy, in Pie Girls, bakes up a delicious recipe for romance in Fairhope, Alabama.

And there’s so much more to discover during Read-A-Romance Month! Be sure to visit the site every day and each of the 93 authors who are bringing wonderful stories of love, joy, and second chances!

Questions for the Author

1. Tell us about a moment in your life when you experienced sheer joy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.48.20 AM

I signed my novel at Shorter Mansion, which is an antebellum Southern home-turned museum in the heart of this historic city.

2. Tell us about a place that brings you joy.

Keuka Lake in Upstate New York is a place that brings me great joy. I spent every summer of my


Readers can get a true taste of the beauty of the region while reading the novel – there are lovely cottages, gorgeous sunsets, crystal clear water, starry nights, and wineries set on the top of mountains. It’s truly a magical area.

3 – Tell us about a sound that brings you joy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.48.55 AM

I wrote my entire Pie Girls manuscript from this office. It’s so peaceful and provides a sort of music that soothes the soul—perfect for a stroll on warm Southern evenings.

4. What recent book have you read that brought you joy? 

I really enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. What a star-crossed love story. It’s well written, touching, and funny while capturing the angst of youth, first romance, and tragedy.

5. Favorite Chris?

I definitely have a crush on Chris Pratt. My two boys are really into superheroes, so we loved going to


Chris Pratt would make a perfect ‘Luke’ from my novel Pie Girls. He’s the sexy and smart bike shop owner who falls for my protagonist Searcy Roberts.

Adorable and rugged, with a touch of charm and swagger, Chris Pratt is definitely a great book boyfriend.

6. Other Authors I Recommend for Light Romance and Smart, Strong Female Lead Characters –

Samantha Stroh Bailey – Website, Finding Lucas

Tracie Banister – Website, Twin Piques

Meredith Schorr – Website, How Do You Know?

Giveaway – Please enter my Rafflecopter Giveaway (Below) for a chance to win one of two paperback copies of Dancing Naked in Dixie.

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Bio – Laura McNeill adores hot coffee, good manners, the color pink, and novels that keep her reading

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You can find Laura Tweeting @Lauramcneillbks and blogging at She’s written four romantic comedies under the pen name, Lauren Clark. Laura’s suspense novel, Center of Gravity, was released by HarperCollins July 14th and takes place in Mobile, Alabama.

Again, I’d like to thank my sweet friend Lorelei of Lorelei’s Lit Lair for asking me to participate this year! Her post about her own joyous journey to romance can be found here for Read-A-Romance Month.

xo, Laura

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