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Book Review: One by One by Ruth Ware

I’m a huge Ruth Ware fan, so I eagerly anticipated the release of One by One and had the opportunity to see Ruth live at a virtual event held by @midtownscholar 📚 I really enjoyed the story especially trying to figure out whodunit as I turned the pages and listened on @Audible.

Filled with quirky, secretive characters, the novel centers on a tension-filled corporate retreat at a rustic ski chalet in the French Alps. Told in alternating voices, the story quickly moves toward disaster as one of the corporate divas dies and an avalanche traps the remaining guests inside.

With tempers flaring around a possible company buyout and worries mounting about a murderer in the chalet, things only get worse from there! Ware drops plenty of clues along the way, reveals nefarious motives, and leaves readers with a satisfying conclusion. ❤️📚

Have you read One by One?




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