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Book Review: Don't Look for Me

BOOK REVIEW: This was my first Wendy Walker book and Don't Look For Me far exceeded my expectations for a thrilling, chilling read. I "met" Wendy as she was hosting Ruth Ware and Fredrik Backman's virtual event at Midtown Scholar. She did a great job with the interviews and mentioned that her book was being released the following week. I noticed some buzz about Don't Look For Me on Instagram and am glad I finally picked up the book on Audible.

The story centers around a grief-stricken mother, Molly, and her daughter, Nicole, who has lost her way in the world. Both are devastated after the accidental death of the family's youngest daughter, which has caused the family's once tight-knit bond to completely unravel. Things get worse as a vicious storm sweeps over the area, causing the mother to pull over and contemplate disappearing from her life. Before she can make the fateful decision to turn her back on those she loves, Molly is "saved" from the storm when a stranger and a young girl pull over on the side of the road and offer to give Molly a ride into town.

When Nicole, expecting her mother home, doesn't hear from her, guilt begins to rise as she recalls the hurtful accusations she launched at her mother the last time they saw each other. Nicole's anxiety builds as she waits for a phone call or text message. As the family fears for Molly's life and contacts the police to investigate, a large search for Molly begins and a reward for her safe return is offered. No trace of Molly is found other than her abandoned car and cell phone.

Weeks later, a stranger calls Nicole to report a sighting of Molly from the night of the storm. Though the woman's account provides new details, the police eventually poke holes in her story, sending Nicole into a spiral of despair. Finding it impossible to stay away from the scene of her mother's disappearance, Nicole returns to the small, desolate town and vows to find her mother once and for all.

It is here Walker begins to weave an even tighter web of intrigue. Additional characters and new storylines are introduced, as are motives for Molly's "walk away." Meanwhile, as Nicole continues to question and dig for answers, her mother fights for her life. Walker brings the story to an exciting and satisfying conclusion with elements of forgiveness and redemption. Well done! #bookstagram #review #newrelease #fiction #thriller #wendywalker #mustread #suspense #crime #novel

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