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Behind the Scenes of Sister Dear

My new book SISTER DEAR releases today!!!

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be attending

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Today, I thought it might be fun to offer a bit of background about how I chose the setting of the story.

After considering several locations, I decided that coastal Georgia and the city of Brunswick were the perfect backdrop for SISTER DEAR, with its

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When the novel begins, single mother Allie Marshall is a

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As excited as Allie is, she remains nostalgic about her hometown and will miss Brunswick, St. Simons Island, and the ocean, which all represent the special place where she grew up with her parents, her sister, Emma, and her boyfriend, Ben.

But when tragedy strikes, and Allie finds herself accused of a horrific crime, she goes to prison for ten years. Each day, she vows to return, clear her name, and promises herself she will find a way to reconnect with her teenage daughter.

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I hope that in reading Allie’s story, you’ll get a true sense of Brunswick, a taste of Atlanta, the feel of the beauty of St. Simons Island, and the danger inside Lee Arrendale State Prison. I’d love to hear your thoughts about setting and your take on the “behind the scenes” details of SISTER DEAR.

If you haven’t yet read SISTER DEAR what are you waiting for?


Purchase your copy today:  

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