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Alabama’s Best Coffee Shops (& my pick for Center of Gravity)

So, it’s not a big secret that I’m sweet on coffee shops. My day doesn’t start without a cup of joe (flavored please, room for cream and sugar). I am lucky enough to live within walking distance to 2 coffee shops in my neighborhood.

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Until then, here’s a run-down of my favorite Alabama coffee shops…

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Grab your favorite beverage and a treat, and relax in the historic, Victorian coffee house. Read a book, surf the web (Free Wi-Fi), or enjoy the company of friends in a quiet corner or in one of the covered, outdoor seating areas.

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Our coffee shop serves not only coffee (from a regular old cup of Joe to a double-shot-extra foam-skim-latte with a touch of cinnamon) but also tea, ice rages, Blue Bell ice cream, and sinful pastries.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.01.10 AM

Coffee and community since 1993. O’Henry’s Coffees is Birmingham’s first true coffeehouse. The natural brick, tin ceiling and warm colors make for a place where people love to gather.

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The Overall Company’s mission is to inspire and lift the spirit of every individual that comes in contact with The Overall Company through meaningful and intuitive hospitality and intentional experiences that enliven the senses.

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Since they opened their doors in 2007, Edelweiss has enjoyed serving the area with authentic German bread, pretzels, rolls, pastries, cakes and other European specialties — an authentic German taste without leaving town!

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Find this little shop on 347 South Eufaula Avenue. Friends are made, families connect. Great ideas are had. The Blue Moon defines community.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 7.18.54 AM

Just as the coffee and tea program strives to connect customers with farmers in developing nations, Wake Up’s fair trade artisan goods connect customers to amazing artisans who make beautiful pieces with incredible stories behind them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Cafe Louisa in Montgomery, Serda’s Coffee Company in Mobile, and Satori Coffee, also in Mobile, Ala.

How about your favorite coffee houses (anywhere)? Please share!

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