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10 Reasons E-Readers Are Better than Boyfriends

Many authors, bloggers, and readers occasionally lament that they have too many books to read. In my heart, I know that it’s really that there are not enough hours in the day … those pesky jobs and to-do lists always seem to get in the way!

But what if your main squeeze is the one doing the complaining? Too many books on the nightstand. Too many books next to the bed. Don’t despair….pick up an e-reader.


Here are TEN glorious reasons you might want to trade in your flesh-and-blood model for a sleek, stylish package.

An e-reader is always:

1. Ready in Seconds – No waiting around to check the score of the game, no having to finding the keys, or “Not tonight, honey.”

2. Entertaining – There’s no shortage of music, audiobooks, novels, short stories, and poetry…and most devices will read to you if you click the right buttons.

3. Portable – No need to buy two airline tickets for a vacation; just tuck your device into your suitcase and go!

4. Handsome – Choice of colors, fonts, sizes, screens in black and white or full color. Plus, you can dress it up in whatever jazzy cover you decide looks great (and there’s never any debate).

5. Drama-free – There’s no fighting over watching favorite shows, where to eat dinner, or wondering if your e-reader understands you. E-readers don’t hold grudges. A committed e-reader relationship means never having to say you’re sorry.

6. Open – Go ahead and flirt. No jealousy here. Your e-reader will always go home with you, no questions asked.

7. Thoughtful – Your e-reader will never steal the remote, hog the bed covers, or tell you you’re fat. Your e-reader won’t eat that pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey you’ve been saving for a really bad day.

8. Quiet – Your e-reader won’t talk back, argue, cuss, or snore. Think of all of the uninterrupted sleep you’ll get.


10. Low Maintenance – No foot rubs, fetching a beer, running to the grocery store for snacks, or picking up stray underwear. No need to remember birthdays or anniversaries. All you need is a charge cord. Need I say more?

And, hey, in the rare instance that your e-reader does disappoint, you can always trade-up for a faster, more intelligent model. No explanations, no break-up required.

xx, Laura

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